Library of Congress Accepts Koch's Latest

LOC Announces the Acceptance of Author J. Tyler Koch's New Political Thriller: Snowflake Nation

"Snowflake Nation is a Work of Historical and Generational Significance."

Fueled by the rage and disgust, the demand for a return to the fundamental principles of the American

Republic is on the rise. Political fantasy—a fantastical tale set in recognizable milieus—is unquestionably

the strongest emerging fantasy sub-genre. Tyler Koch explodes onto the political fantasy scene with a

thrilling new addition. In this modern, inventive take on a classic tale of time travel, a confused but

inquisitive millennial finds himself struggling to find his place in society when he is engulfed by an

aggressive wave of populism delivered by the one and only—Donald J. Trump.

Washington, D.C. March 5, 2018 --( Millennial author Tyler Koch's action-packed Snowflake

Nation On Sale April 16, 2018) prominently pronounces that the age of the millennial's capture of the literary landscape has arrived. April marks the latest releases of the first three books in the generational and political drama sector. Confused about his political loyalty, a young voter is carried into an alternate reality where Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the results of the 2016 presidential election have left the country in shambles. Koch's character sets out on a mission to answer the question much of the country was asking on November 9th, 2016—"Why?"

Snowflake Nation is set in Texas, New York, and Washington, DC, and follows the continuing adventure

of one man who must reconcile his own internal conflict of personal values in the eternal battle between

the good and evil in America's political system. Lauded as "an impressively simple protagonist" by

Publishers Weekly, Koch's simple yet multi-dimensional approach to character development is rare in the

political genre, as is the cultural and generational diversity of supporting characters. The scope of

Snowflake Nation is enhanced by Koch's experiences as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, as

well as his emergence as one of the country's leading authorities in millennial research. As one of the most vocal members of the Koch family, Koch departs from his generation's more conventional and reserved style of commentary as he has chosen to boldly outline his beliefs in timeless tradition of the written word. One thing for sure, is that Koch doesn't shy away from being anything short of controversial.

Koch will be making several appearances in support of the release, including signings in Austin, Texas at

the Texas Book Festival; Chicago, Illinois at SBDC; Washington, DC at the Library of Congress National

Book Festival; and New York, New York at Book Expo America.

Publication Data:

Snowflake Nation: Trigger Warnings, Trump, and Millennial Power

By J. Tyler Koch

ISBN-10: 1-7320071-0-1

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018901835

468 pgs / $29.99

On sale date: April 16, 2018