The Partners

Tyler Koch, SPHR - "The Visionary"

Tyler Koch is a native of Henderson, Texas, and graduate of Texas A&M University where he studied Agricultural Leadership and Animal Science. In 2008, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as an Adjutant and Company Executive Officer while simultaneously completing his Master’s Degree in Managerial Economics from the University of Oklahoma. Upon his end of active service in 2012, Tyler gained insight into the world of lean manufacturing and global supply chain management through his tenure with international manufacturing giant Caterpillar, Inc., which provided him with additional tools for his agile human resources management style. Following his time with Caterpillar Tyler joined the team of Ford Motor Company on the dealership side (a Houston-based firm), where he focused his HR and project management skill sets on the overhaul and implementation of an innovative HRIS platform. Tyler further developed his Human Resources repertoire through taking on more strategic roles within the industry, to include serving as a Director of Leadership Development for Texas’ largest student-leadership organization— the Texas FFA Association. The Texas FFA was an organization Tyler had become familiar with in years prior, as he was contracted by the organization to develop and deliver the most innovative leadership development program in the organization’s arsenal- the Ford Leadership Scholars program. The program challenged top-tier high school students with real-world leadership opportunities, as derived from Tyler’s military and professional experiences. In the Spring of 2017, Tyler was invited to return to his roots in national defense through serving in furthering the efforts of the Defense transition team based in Washington, D. C.

Tyler has spoken across the country on a variety of HR topics, in particular the evolution of the millennial employee, and specializes in the development of leadership training curriculum and helping companies foster a culture of employee engagement. In the Spring of 2017, Tyler released his first book Just Quit Already!, which focused on identifying and overcoming the elements of a toxic workplace culture. The book quickly attained bestseller status, and has further complemented Tyler’s impact in the Human Resources profession. 

Tyler’s skills in Human Resources are rooted in a strong and comprehensive understanding for emotionally intelligent leadership, which he attributes to his time in the Texas FFA and his service in the United States Marine Corps. Tyler’s leadership philosophy, which is the driving force behind his latest book, is one that requires self-awareness and discovery before rising and serving in a position of influence. 

Tyler currently resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife Jaclyn and their miniature beagle, Anthony Soprano.

Bottom line, Tyler sees an organization not only for what it is, but what it could be.

Lauren E. Tye - "The General"

Known as "The General" for her unparalleled command and control when it comes to delivering results for her clients, Lauren Tye is a Marketing and Public Relations extraordinaire. With her background in Psychology with a Masters in Communications paving the way for her exceptional facilitation and delivery skills, she leads with deep expertise in emotional intelligence in even the most complex of business arenas. Lauren Tye currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. Lauren’s nomadic life has given her experience in fundraising, training Marines and Federal Employees, foster care case management, large-scale event planning, and leadership development consulting as a partner in Koch-Tye HR Consulting since 2008. Her weaknesses include sarcasm, red wine, and chocolate covered almonds. Her intricate understanding of the importance of self-awareness as an emotional intelligence and personality-type trainer makes her the ideal project manager for helping to identify your organizational strengths in a highly competitive business environment— as Lauren will cut to the chase and highlight your greatest opportunities to excel.

Our Team

Megan Burks - "The Innovator"

With an affinity for process innovation and creating a learning culture within organizations, Megan draws from her experience in the U.S. Air Force to strategically plan your business to thrive in the future. Having navigated the convoluted world of auto-dealership operations while streamlining conventional processes, Megan leverages the latest technology available coupled with proven disciplines such as Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S in order to drive maximum efficiency. Once the process is fragmented, redesigned, and aligned with your organization's strategy, Megan works to understand the learning needs and styles of your employees to develop a robust training plan. The job's not done, until the intended outcomes are realized and the cash register is ringing! 

Philip A. Saulter - "The Tactician"

What does a "Data and Performance Analysis Specialist" do anyway? Basically, if it moves, Philip can measure it. Employing the fundamental concept of "make it visual," Philip will design ways to turn your process metrics into engaging mechanisms of performance monitoring and forecasting. From operational dashboards, to Overall Equipment Efficiency and Balanced Scorecards, Philip's technical expertise in operational leadership enables him to tailor technical solutions for productivity and efficiency monitoring. 

Bentley E. Roan, PMP - "The Strategist"

With more than 10 years experience in communications and cyber security protocols, Bentley Roan draws on his experience managing multi-million dollar projects on a global scale to put your business planning into a long range perspective. To use the already overused Wayne Gretzky reference, Bentley ensures that your organization has the strategy in place to move "where the puck is going...not where it is."  Bentley proves that the value of a strategy rests in not only its execution, but the sustainability of results. 

Dr. Jenny Gall, - "The Surgeon"

Not only because of her formal training in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Gall is referred to as "The Surgeon" because of her tactical precision in organization analysis and process improvement. Through working as an associate within a veterinary practice, Jenny understands firsthand the challenges that administration and strategic planning can present for delivering first-class medicine. That's what led her to join our team- the desire to work shoulder to shoulder with healthcare professionals in order to expertly design their business process to provide a rewarding employee experience while facilitating exceptional health and veterinary care.