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Just Quit Already!

Just Quit Already! The Employee's Escape Plan for a Toxic Culture

 In this conversational approach to identifying and understanding some of the common frustrations you may be facing in your job, Tyler Koch provides cutting-edge insights and proven solutions that will take you out of an unsatisfying job and into a rewarding career. In Just Quit Already! You will discover: • An action-oriented approach to uncovering the root causes of your unhappiness in the workplace and a step-by-step method for making improvements, or making your exit • How to gain awareness of the presence of a “cycle of negativity” in the workplace, what the cycle means for employees, and how to break the cycle once and for all • The top-ten “Trends of Toxicity” in a workplace that are driving profits down, and employees out • “The Art of the Quit”- A methodical approach to making your exit, regardless of circumstance • A systematic approach to ensuring that you’ll always achieve “values alignment” your prospective employers, while maintaining a clear path to an engaging company culture Just Quit Already! provides readers with the validation that they’re not alone in their desire to escape destructive workplace behaviors and toxic company cultures. Just Quit Already! backs up that validation with the tools to make an efficient, effective, and professional exit, while setting up the employee for sustained success in their careers. Just Quit Already! helps you grow your self-awareness, self-confidence, and professional skill sets through arriving at the decision to refuse settling for less, and doing something about it! 


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